The Power of the Universal Session License: Q&A with Anand Buch

A growing number of organizations are turning to modern forms of business communications like voice-over-IP and unified communications suites, creating a boom of demand for service providers that offer these services. However, many smaller service providers have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the seat-based licensing model dictated by the companies who provide the back-end technology enabling these communication services.   Sadly, these small service providers are often forced to return to their vendors to recalculate pricing in order to provide the service they promise to their customers. NetSapiens has solved this problem with universal session licensing available on their SNAPsolution SIP application platform. We sat down with NetSapiens’ co-founder and CEO Anand Buch to discuss what makes their unique universal session licensing so appealing to service providers.


Q: What about universal session licensing makes it advantageous?
A: Currently, voice providers typically license software on a per-account basis, which forces most service providers to buy new seats every time they gain a new customer. With universal session licensing, this is no longer necessary. Most people think about business voice service as providing call capacity for everyone in an office, but really it only needs to be able to offer calling capabilities to anyone who needs to make a call at a particular time. If your organization has 200 employees, for example, all of them won’t be making a call at the same time, but 50 of them might. So instead of paying for the ability for everyone in the company to make a call at the same time, a service provider can pay for just those 50 necessary calls. It’s similar to selling service providers bandwidth, in that we give them the capacity and they use it as they see fit.

“Any size provider can gain a competitive advantage from universal session licensing.”

Q: What types of organizations benefit the most from USL?
A: Small and medium-sized service providers tend to benefit the most from the universal session licensing available with our SNAPsolution, as oftentimes, they do not have the same financial luxuries as the larger providers. While larger companies can take financial risks with their capital, smaller companies must be more precise with their investments and more sure of a profitable return. Smaller service providers can also be more competitive in a universal session licensing model because full access to all of the features of the SNAPsolution are included. They can create bundles of feature offerings without paying per additional feature. The universal session licensing model that we offer allows smaller businesses to provide service to new markets without the initial payment and guess work. We give them the best opportunity to gain a profitable return on investment.

Q: What are some of the financial benefits of the SNAPsolution and USL?
A:The Netsapiens SNAPsolution offers a variety of voice and messaging services, and with a universal session license all of those features are available for one fair price. This allows providers to offer a wider range of services that they might not have normally had available for a fixed cost.

Q: Are there other benefits that companies realize with a USL besides cost?
A: The biggest advantages of universal session licensing are capacity and flexibility. With USL, providers can, for instance, buy capacity for 20 concurrent calls upfront and then easily add on more capacity as needed. Providers also realize greater flexibility with USL and the SNAPsolution, as all of the features offered under the platform are included – nothing is à la carte. If a customer only wants voice and UC capabilities at first and then decides a few months later they also want to implement conferencing and contact center services, they are available immediately. As end users become more savvy about the features available to them, they will start to require more agile service providers and the SNAPsolution USL from NetSapiens makes that possible.