The Key to Decision Making for UCaaS Providers

What sets your business apart? This seems like a simple question, but UCaaS providers often overlook it. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations without taking a step back to analyze what makes you unique. However, this simple exercise can make all the difference when making key decisions for your business.

Different Types of UCaaS Service Providers

Communications service providers come from an expanding range of backgrounds that shape their key competencies as a business. CLECs, ISPs, and MSPs may serve the same markets with UC&C solutions, but their journey as a business to get to this point can vary wildly as seen in some examples below:

A CLEC comes from the telco world of traditional landlines. In order to keep up with the high tech demands of their customers, they have transitioned to Hosted PBX and expanded their offerings with UC features.
An ISP started their business as a way to deliver high quality internet service to their local community. Their success as a reliable internet service provider gave them the opportunity to deliver voice services and UC&C features to this market and grow beyond the local area.
An MSP has built strong relationships with their Enterprise client base by becoming trusted advisors and aggregating their different technology expenses under a single bill. Then, they decide to own their own UC platform to gain margin and flexibility on that product offering.

As you can see in these examples, just because someone delivers Unified Communications services, it doesn’t mean that all UC businesses are the same or even compete in the same way. This is a good thing! It means that each UCaaS service provider has a way to differentiate themselves from their competition and carve out their own share of the market.

How to find Your Key Differentiators

Finding your key differentiator can help you make decisions and set actionable business goals. Below is a sample list of questions you should ask yourself to find your key strengths:

Which products or services do you consider the core of the business?
What are the biggest problems that you solve for your customers?
Do you find the most success in a specific vertical or market?
Do you customize your UCaaS feature sets for your clients?
Is there strong branding throughout your product sets?
Do you have a strong company culture?
Does your brand have a strong history or company story?
Are you or members of your team public-facing experts in your field?
Is your support team a key asset in customer retention?
Do you have the expertise to design, turn up, and maintain a UC&C solution?
Why do your clients choose you over other service providers?
What would your customers say when recommending your business?

Once you have a clear view of your UCaaS business, lean-in to your competitive advantage. Spend your time on what drives your particular business to success and don’t let superfluous details get in your way. Your time, effort, and overall goals should go towards what increases your margins and what generates your revenue.

Consider Managed Infrastructure as a Service

At netsapiens, we allow our clients to choose their own path and we support them along the way. Many of our customers are experts in network management and see huge benefits in running our software on their hardware and in the data centers of their choosing. Although this may be a daunting task for some, this is where they can leverage the unique expertise of their team’s knowledge. However, if this does not describe your team, why not consider another option?

netsapiens offers Managed Infrastructure as a Service to UCaaS providers who want to focus on their core competencies and let experts handle the rest. The “as a Service” model is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of our industry. In this case, Managed Infrastructure as a Service means netsapiens will take some of the burdens of deployment and network out of your hands so you can invest more into what matters.
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Examples of as a Service Models

Managed Infrastructure as a Service Product Brief

If this sounds like something you are interested in exploring, download our SNAPaccel M-IaaS guide below!

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