Our revolutionary business management
system that gets you from quote to cash
in a SNAP!


B/OSS Platform for Communications Providers

SNAPvantage is a business and operations management system designed by people in the communications industry for people in the communications industry. It streamlines everything a service provider needs from pre-sales activities like quoting to post-sales tasks like billing in a true "quote to cash" solution. With step-by-step project management, automation, and default templates, SNAPvantage can take a complicated multi-platform process normally managed by several highly trained technicians and turn it into a simple job that can be managed by employees of any skill level. This allows you to cut out the costs of the duplicate software platforms, consolidate your efforts into managing a single solution, and free your skilled employees to work on revenue generating activities.

Porting 4X Faster

SNAPvantage automates the porting process to eliminate order input mistakes.

Start to Finish Project Management

Simplify B/OSS processes with customizable step-by-step guidence and templates that anyone can use.

Commissions Reports in an Instant

Instant commissions and quota attainment reports for real-time sales forecasting and reporting.

Device Auto-Provisioning

Auto-provisioning and drop-ship fulfillment reports for real-time sales forecasting and reporting.

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Case Study Preview

How Nexogy Streamlined Their Business Operations By 33% With Integrated B/OSS

"In 2012 when Carlos Lahrssen, CEO of Nexogy, examined his entire sales management process from customer provisioning to billing, he knew something needed to change. As a Miami-based managed service provider offering next-gen cloud-based communications services for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) across the US, Nexogy needed to move past the era of manual processes and synchronize its operations with a business and operations support system (OSS/BSS). The trick, however was where exactly to find the perfect solution."

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