SNAPmobile: A Unified Experience
Anywhere, Anytime, to Any Device

The worldwide rise in the use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops has been nothing short of a global phenomenon. We are in an always-connected world and as such it’s imperative for service providers and carriers to ensure their end-users receive unified accessibility and experiences across all of their devices – whether on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

End-user level customization and management-
it's a SNAP!

SNAPmobile lets users differentiate and customize the way business and personal communications are managed across devices, including tailored routing and message management. It allows the user to manage voicemails, answering rules, and other settings within the app. More importantly, SNAPmobile gives end-users the ability to make calls using either their business or personal phone identity, see other users' presence icons, as well as use netsapiens' in-call features. For example, a user can easily move active calls from one device to another.

Key Features

  • Creates a unified user experience across all devices
  • Brings traditional mobile features and functionality to the desktop
  • Simple to configure

The SNAPsolutions enabled SNAPmobile suite integrates all devices and operating systems (iOS and Android) onto a single unified platform to provide a continuous, unbroken connection. From the desktop to the mountaintop, SNAPmobile has you covered.

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