SNAPsolution in AsiaPAC

Have you had a chance to meet Ken Adams, our VP of Marketing Development, yet? If you do business with us in the AsiaPAC region, you likely have. In fact, we’ve been doing a lot of good work over there, shifting enterprises from premise-based phone systems to hosted PBX and eventually full-on unified communications (UC) applications. In this blog, we sat down with Ken to talk more in-depth about our AsiaPAC operations. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Q: What is the main focus of netsapiens’ operations in the AsiaPAC market?

A: In Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the areas around there, we are currently doing a lot of work within the hospitality industry. Whether you’re in the US or the AsiaPAC region, one thing is definitely the same – no one uses the desk phone anymore. As a result, hotels all over the world are looking to cut costs as much as they can. Our mission, in most cases, is to figure out a way to make their phone system relevant again.

For hotels that use our SNAPsolution platform, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to making the phone systems profitable again. Essentially, we integrate our UC tools with the IoT technology already installed in the hotel rooms. Here’s a typical scenario of how that might work. You take an Android phone (or a similar equivalent), place it in a room and use it as a central command station to enable guests to do things like open blinds, turn on the TV, order room service and more. We have a ton of cool integrations that we can do with our SNAPsolution platform. A lot of what we do leverages Google’s Voice AI engine – the AsiaPAC market has really been a proving ground for this capability and it’s going well!

Q: Are you utilizing SNAPsolution and netsapiens UC capabilities solely in hotels in the region, or are you targeting other verticals as well?

A: Much of our business right now centers on the hospitality industry, which isn’t just hotels, but other types of verticals too. For example, right now we are also working with the national brewing company for Thailand, which is owned by a holding company with many other enterprise interests. With relationships like this, we are also looking at shared office facilities, big retail and working with Asian carriers to integrate them into our platform. Whatever the vertical that’s interested in hosted PBX or UC functionality, we can integrate all of them successfully into our SNAPsolution platform.

Q: What about contact centers? Are you working with them too?

A: Yes we are working with contact centers, especially in the Philippines and, to a lesser extent, in Vietnam. For this vertical, the desire for cost savings is huge. Just like with hotels in Asia and the US, they also don’t want to have phones on a desk unless absolutely required. Often, they just want to have a headset connected to the computer. The need for mobility and the versatility to address customer needs quickly and efficiently is driving many contact center operators to want access to SNAPsolution through the web, via SNAPmobile. As well, our SNAPaccel analytics package is helping AsiaPAC contact centers boost performance, reduce operating expenditures and increase customer satisfaction through actionable analytics and persona-driven customization. We’ve got contact centers covered from multiple angles! 

Q: And what do you think will be one of the big trends in the region this year?

A: Hosted PBX with mobile integration will be big in the AsiaPAC region mainly because it’s still a rather new phenomenon. Currently, enterprises have a whole bunch of sales personnel out in the field using isolated apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. Now, a lot of managers are wondering how they can get a better sense of their sales staff’s performance with an eye to improving overall operations. Enterprises want to know what is going on when customers are calling through to the reps. With SNAPmobile, we give employees the ability to take their mobile devices wherever they want while still being connected to the office. Throughout many regions in the overall AsiaPAC market, this is an emerging trend.

Q: To wrap up, why do you think netsapiens is such a good fit for enterprises in the AsiaPAC region?

A: Well, it all boils down to the message we have been trying to spread here about our sessions-not-seats pricing model. How does this work? Very simply put, I can go into a hotel with, say, 100 rooms and give them 20 concurrent session licenses because that’s all they need at peak volume. As we consistently say, paying for sessions instead of seats offers businesses new opportunities for profitability through what’s known as oversubscription. You can download the full report here for more details.

From an AsiaPAC market perspective, our business operations in Hong Kong provide a great example of our usefulness. We currently operate in Hong Kong via Netustay Limited, a joint venture with Service Technology Partners Limited.  With licenses and our platform operating systems already pre-installed on servers, we can go to any hotel in the region, give them all the features they need via one UC solution, and move them away from an on-premise based system to a cloud-native one.

Since many enterprises in that market are paying additional monthly fees to third party platforms for the same features SNAPsolution already comes with, we can save them a significant amount of money. Better still, with a cloud-native UC solution, they get enhancements and upgrades as we roll them out without having to worry about issues like “end-of-life” for certain products or software. It just makes a lot of financial sense for businesses in the AsiaPAC region to partner with us.

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