Managed Infrastructure Services

Putting UC Infrastructure In The Hands Of Experts


Cloud Migration: not as seamless as you think

Source: Cloud Migration Survey by THINKstrategies and iNetU

There are Often Many Issues When You do it Yourself

Outsource the Infrastructure and Keep Control of Your Business Model

Not all As-A-Service models are alike, the choice becomes a very clear decision around who will control your business model: you or your Unified Communications provider?
Using IaaS is a lot like running applications in your own data center, except that your in-house IT operations team (if you have one) doesn't have the burden of deploying, configuring and maintaining the physical equipment on which your Unified Communications software run’s. IaaS gives users automated and scalable environments with extreme flexibility and control.

Introducing Managed Infrastructure as a Service: SNAPaccel

Managed IaaS

leverages netsapiens expertise both during the install and then during operations. We do more of the tasks and share the others while guiding you along the way.


Standard IaaS

(Self-Service) just reduces the need to worry about the hardware and base network. But you still have to do all the other infrastructure and operations as you would if you were doing on-premise.

Offload the Work with SNAPaccel

Why SNAPaccel

You get a team of experts – to manage your infrastructure for you, increasing your available manpower and ensuring the success of your solution.

Eliminates capital expense and reduces ongoing cost – no longer need to spend the upfront expense of purchasing, setting up and maintaining you’re infrastructure.

Focus on your business growth, not the hardware it runs on – frees up your team to focus on your organization’s core business rather than on the infrastructure to run it.

Data & Physical Security – netsapiens geographically dispersed top class data centers and infrastructure using the latest automation tools and sophisticated security effectively shield you from system failures.
Faster Time to Market – reduce your time to revenue by up to 66%.

Expand as You Grow – with our Virtualized Infrastructure SNAPaccel allows organizations to scale as they grow and can be ready in a snap.

Flexible Options – needs differ from one organization to another, with SNAPaccel organizations can choose from flexible packages to best suit their specific needs.

Improves business continuity and disaster recovery – achieving high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery can be expensive, SNAPaccel removes the worry and expense while achieving your goals.

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Managed Infrastructure as a Service Product Brief

SNAPaccel: Managed Infrastructure Services

Product Brief

Putting Unified Communications Infrastructure in the hands of experts. Explore the benefits of netsapiens SNAPaccel: Managed Infrastructure as a Service in this free product brief. Click the button below to be taken to the download page!

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