Service Providers

Smart Network Application People for Service Providers

netsapiens offers a comprehensive suite of unified communications (UC) services and feature-sets to service providers. Custom-built to provide our partners with unprecedented levels of flexibility, customization and ease of use, our SNAPsolution – UC and Collaboration tools – can be quickly deployed so you can realize your ROI just as quick.

Why choose netsapiens SNAPsolution?

SNAPsolution is powered by netsapiens’ custom-built, unified communications software platform. The platform permits SNAPsolution components and features to be bundled and provided to our partners as part of an all-inclusive package. That package can then be unbundled and offered to their customers on an “as needed” basis. This provides our service provider partners a UCaaS solution with extreme flexibility, product and package customization, strategic sales opportunities - and an end-user customer service experience that is second to none. If high availability, geo diversity and redundancy is critical to your customers – and why wouldn’t it be? – we’ve got you covered with SNAPsolution’s nShare. n-Share allows multiple locations to share information in real-time, creating a seamless system for surviving failovers while avoiding service disruptions. This allows smaller service providers to meet their clients’ expectations of carrier-class uptime, gain loyalty, and compete successfully in the marketplace. Whether you are running multiple components on a single server or virtualized in the cloud, SNAPsolution delivers all of the features and functionality required to provide next-generation IP-based UC and Collaboration services to any end-user, regardless of size or location.


Service Provider Verticals Include:

  • WISPs

  • ITSPs

  • MSPs

  • CLECs

  • Cloud SPs

  • More!