Service Provider Growth Rate

We all know how important it is to engage with tools that will help you grow your business. After all, isn’t that the point of business – to grow? Then why do so many of the largest UC providers require you to constantly sink so much of your hard-earned money into their solutions if you want to continue seeing benefits? As you grow your staff or add new clients, as a service provider, you are forced into a no-win situation of buying licenses for additional seats or features, severely cutting your growth rate. Consequently, this eats into their hard-earned money and creates a major disincentive to grow. Unacceptable! 

Are You Missing Out on Golden Opportunities? 

You’ve probably heard it said that a good yearly growth rate for a service provider on average is about 18%. The real question, though, is how do you get there? The obvious answer is to stay ahead of the competition by jumping on new trends shaping the use of unified communications by today’s enterprises. Here are a couple that are strong right now.

Hyperconnected Mobility

The workforce is becoming increasingly “deskless”, with a growing number opting to work outside the traditional office.  And this number is only growing. In fact, by 2023, almost 40% of the global workforce will be mobile. As a result, mobile smart devices are now more important than ever. Because employees still need to be on top of what’s happening, the ability to enjoy seamless communication and collaboration whenever, wherever is critical. Cloud-based UCaaS is thus an extremely attractive option for these businesses.

Contact Center

The cloud based contact center market is predicted to reach $20.93 billion by 2022. This is a trend you need to be taking advantage of right now. Contact center operators know the math; they’ve seen the writing on the wall, which indicates that up to 70% of individuals will leave a business due to a poor customer experience (CX). As a result, they’re looking for a way to bring a unified experience to the work they are doing in the areas of omni-channel customer support, upgraded internal efficiencies and the deployment of new technologies. Basically, they require a unified communications platform that allows them to embark on a holistic approach to CX that will please their end-users.

Before you jump on this trend though, a word of caution. Contact centers can be large. Paying for new seats every time you sign a new contact center client is a major hit to your bottom line. Having to pay extra on top for specific features is even worse. The question then is two-fold. First, where can you find a platform with functionality that can be unlocked with a single license? Second, where can you find a provider that isn’t going to make you pay for new seats as you grow your client roster? 

So, here’s the bad news. Most of America’s service providers are having a hard time taking advantage of either trend. For many of you, the economics are just not there. And that’s not your fault! It’s a product of how the big-name UCaaS providers are making you purchase the tools and feature sets you need. 

The number one reason why you aren’t growing the way you’d like is the age-old business model many UCaaS platform providers have of charging you for every seat and feature. This is a major drag on service provider profitability. Let’s take the mobility trend, for example. If you’re paying for UC services by the seat to sell to companies whose employees aren’t in any one fixed seat, you won’t meet their needs. You’ll also be short changing yourself in the long run by limiting yourself only to certain markets. Not good. The same thing is true with the contact center trend. If you must pay for each specific feature set within the contact center every time you add a new customer, you are overspending. Say goodbye to that target service provider growth rate of 18%.

While white label providers make it nice and simple for you to start in the UC space. They often force you into using the carriers, phones and other associated equipment they say is best. That’s no way to grow successfully. It just becomes a headache as you add more customers with varying needs that, in turn, prod you to search for a UCaaS platform with the flexibility you need. So, what’s a service provider to do? 

Turn Your Business Around for the Better!

Are you tired of working hard and not getting the returns you thought you would? Feeling financially constricted by the pricing models of the big UCaaS platform providers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At netsapiens, we can give you access to the full capabilities of our UCaaS platform, SNAPsolution. In a way that lets you take advantage of all the newest trends influencing how enterprises use UCaaS features. How, you might ask? Through the power of something we call universal session licensing. It’s how you can decide which feature sets to sell to your customers on an as-needed basis. Which quickly generates ROI and maximizes your profits. To learn more about how your service provider business can experience a limitless growth rate with netsapiens, download our report “Sessions Not Seats”