From Quote to Cash: Why Service Providers like Nexogy Choose SNAPvantage

From Quote to Cash: Why Service Providers like Nexogy Choose SNAPvantage

Recently, we asked Carlos Lahrssen, CEO of Nexogy, to do a case study with us on SNAPvantage, our ground-breaking, cloud-based OSS/BSS solution for communications service providers. Our relationship with Nexogy goes back to 2014, when they formally announced their switch from Broadsoft’s M6 product to our award-winning SNAPsolution unified communications (UC) platform. Now, Carlos has sat down with us again to talk about what SNAPvantage has done to help his company drive profitability. And how the game-changing business management system can help you.

  1. Tell us what motivated you to join the SNAPsolution platform in 2014?

Before SNAPsolution, we were using Broadsoft’s M6 VoIP platform to offer communications services to our clients. Unfortunately, we found it difficult to become profitable by paying the high licensing fees Broadsoft required. The company did not show interest in adapting their platform for the new UCaaS trends sweeping the market since 2010. This hampered our ability to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. Customers across the retail, hospitality, and small business sectors. As an already unhappy customer, when Broadsoft notified us that they were terminating support for the product, we knew it was time to make a change.

  1. Why did you pick SNAPsolution of all the other potential products on the market?

We really liked the way SNAPsolution is designed – with services and feature-sets than can be bundled as needed and sold to our clients in a way that suits us. It helped us feel free from restrictive platforms like the one we had previously. As well, netsapiens’ universal session licensing was a breath of fresh air and another budget saver! By paying for sessions and not for seats, we were finally able to get on track with our profitability. While with Broadsoft, I always puzzled over how companies like ours could be financially successful. With netsapiens, we were finally doing it.

  1. Recently, netsapiens officially rolled out SNAPvantage, a complete BSS/OSS for MSPs. But as an earlier customer, Nexogy was able to employ the system sooner. What interested you about the product?

Part of the reason why we joined with netsapiens in the first place was their undying commitment to innovation and flexibility to adapt to their customers’ needs. It truly is a flow. If our provider can creatively provide solutions that meet our needs, then we can properly serve our customers in turn.

For some time, we had wanted a business management system that could unify our business and operations processes. While increasing efficiency and helping us reduce our overall operational costs. We mentioned this pain point to netsapiens’ leadership team, who were very receptive in seeing the value a complete product would bring to the service provider sector.

Our previous patchwork of business support solutions included a third-party CRM, a billing software and manual spreadsheets for tracking orders. This outdated approach definitely hampered our ability to grow in the markets we serve. The SNAPvantage product offered us a user-friendly API that would open new opportunities for profitability. We were thrilled when netsapiens effectively took the product to market at their User Group Meeting in San Diego.

  1. What would you say to service providers wondering if SNAPvantage is a worthwhile investment?

SNAPvantage is a total game changer; the key thing to remember is that it is a BSS/OSS platform designed specifically for service providers. As a result, it covers the critical functions that all service providers are likely to require as they work to meet the needs of their customers and manage their own billing requirements. As we like to say, it is a full ‘quote to cash’ platform. Here are just some of the typical applications service provides like us can use SNAPvantage for:

  • Detailed quoting with e-signatures
  • Forecasting and sales quota analysis
  • Auto-importing orders into SNAPsolution (netsapiens’ main UCaaS platform)
  • SIP Trunk, seats and user provisioning
  • DID and port-in ordering
  • Full lifecycle order tracking
  • Billing with payment management

By eliminating our dependence on manual processes, SNAPvantage helped us reduce the risk of order and provisioning mistakes and the time it takes for us to deploy services and address end-user issues. It also helped us free up and redeploy critical team members because any of our staff can log in and use the system. By integrating with many CRM platforms and multiple carriers, you truly cannot lose with this product. Designed from within the UCaaS and service provider sector, we can honestly say SNAPvantage is helping Nexogy drive our profitability and grow!

If you are interested in learning more about SNAPvantage, download our free case study and reach out to us at