PTC 2020: Discussing Asia-Pac & Session Based Pricing

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PTC 2020 JSA TV Interview Transcription

Laura: Welcome to JSA TV and JSA podcast the newsroom for telecom and data center professionals. I\’m Laura Noland here in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii at PTC 2020. Joining me now is Ken Adams, the Vice President of Market Development at netsapiens. Welcome, Ken.

Ken: Good morning. Aloha!

Laura: Aloha! Well, tell us about what\’s been happening in netsapiens in the Asia-Pacific region. You\’ve been having a lot of success over the last year. Tell us what\’s been happening.

Ken: So, it\’s interesting we have an actual partner company over there that we have a JV agreement with. So, we have a small stake in the company Asia is a completely different market, as you can guess, from dealing with the US market. So over there, you have to have someone in on the streets like a local agent to do business with and so the partnership started that way. The partnership has now grown and we\’re really focusing in on how to increase, basically, phone use in the hospitality space, which as we all know, phones on the nightstand in the hotel room are not useful anymore, right, so we\’re trying to change that market a little bit over there. I\’ll go into some more detail as we talk.

netsapiens Bridging the Gap in Asia-Pac

Laura: Tell us about some of the unique requirements you mentioned. It\’s a different ballgame in the Asia-Pacific area-specific requirements for providers, service providers, and enterprises how does netsapiens bridge that gap?

Ken: Right, so again with the partnership that we have there- they are a software company that develops back of house software for the hospitality industry and coupling that with our solution, a UC platform, we can give the hotel staff all the way to the hotel guests access to order food, access to call each other, access to set up a spa appointment when I\’m out and about in Hong Kong just from the touch of my phone. So, we\’re really trying to create a niche for the hotel space for the operators of the hotel to bring people back in and order. It\’s all about ordering our food in room service and not ordering towels and things like that.

Ken: So, we\’re trying to make that really easy by doing IOT integrations like, \”show me a video of the spa\” and it pops up on the TV, in-room ordering on a desk phone with the Android display where they can say, \”send me a cheeseburger and fries\” right there. So, those are the kind of things we\’re working on there. The challenges, however, are in Asia the infrastructure is not as robust as our infrastructure is in the United States.

Ken: So, in a lot of cases bandwidth can be an issue so we have to work with the customers there to overcome those issues. And it\’s still very much taboo in the business place to put things on the cloud. Personally, however, everything\’s on an app on their phone. So, consumer wise they\’re all set to go. It\’s the businesses- they\’re a little bit slow to adopt so that\’s what we\’re trying to overcome there.

Managed Infrastructure as a Service

Laura: Well, recent statistics show that 80% of service provider revenues occur above the infrastructure. How do your recently launched programs help the service providers and help those businesses that you say may be a little slower to adopt and to get onto the program?

Ken: What we basically did was we took the the care of the hardware management and the colocation management out of the customers hands which allows them to get into business faster and all that kind of things because they don\’t have to worry about buying and sourcing their own servers and then finding someone who knows how to program the servers and command-line Linux and some things like that. So, we basically took that expertise out of their hands. They can get that through us. So, that\’s just one layer of making it easier to do business with us. Now all they have to worry about is the unified communications SNAPsolution level. They don\’t have to worry about the hardware level.

Sessions not Seats

Laura: I want to talk now about, you know, moving into service providers boosting their own profitability and want to transition to a little segue of \”sessions not seats\”. So, tell us what that means and how that\’s impacting the Asia-Pacific region.

Ken: Absolutely. \”Sessions not seats\” has been around since the beginning of the company. It was a decision that was made to sell that way purposely because when you look at the competitors out there, they\’re selling based on the feature sets that the consumers are using- that the businesses are using- and you have to continue to buy those feature set packs. Therefore, your license cost goes up exponentially and it doesn\’t matter if it\’s a desk phone or an actual user. That feature cost is still there and you can\’t make any money back on that.

Ken: It\’s a sunk cost, so, when you license based on concurrent session usage and you give all the features that opens the door for the service providers in the price a lot of different ways. The ROI comes a lot quicker because we can get down to (based on the number of sessions) about a dollar or less a month per seat so our service providers can generate quite a lot of revenue if they actually go out and try not to price like everyone else out there. So, the message has been for the last few years is to be different right price differently because you have a different license model and you can do that.

Ken: So, it\’s been really well received and I think, you know, with some of the acquisitions going on in the industry and things like that it\’s pushed a lot more people to look into netsapiens and that model specifically. You know, the feature sets are there regardless of what competitor platform you\’re on, so, what differentiates you is things like the way you. license. The other thing is \”how is the UX?\” \”how is the feel, the design of the platform?\” and \”is it easy for the business end user to utilize?\”. So, those are the two areas we really differentiate in and our platform- you know I\’ve worked on multiple different platforms over my lifetime and our customers come from having other platforms as well- and one of our biggest features outside the \”sessions not seats\” is definitely our portals and the ease-of-use of our portals. We hear that time and time again and we continue to make those easier and easier for people to use.

News After PTC 2020

Laura: Any big news coming up for you guys soon?

Ken: In big news well we have a new release coming out at the end of February so there\’s a lot new feature sets in there including enhancements to our video product and a number of other things within the platform so that\’s probably going to be a very well-received large release. There\’s a lot of feature changes in and functionality adds into that release that we\’re looking forward to and our customer base is looking forward to. We haven\’t figured out what\’s coming out later in the year yet so I can\’t share any of those details. Stay tuned.

Laura: Where can our viewers go to learn more about netsapiens?

Ken: Easy! There\’s all kinds of information there. Go over to our information portal on there you can download all kinds of white papers and stuff about what we do. Go download the sessions not seats white paper. There\’s a lot of information in that one.

Laura: You heard it right here. Thank you, Ken for joining us. We appreciate it. Thank you, have a good day. Thank you viewers for joining JSA TV and JSA podcasts. Happy networking!

About PTC 2020

PTC 2020 is an Annual Conference. A strategic springboard for the global communications industry, providing all attendees with a three-day platform to focus on planning, networking, and discovering what lies ahead for the ICT industry. Start the new year off right and join us in Honolulu, Hawaii for the Pacific Rim’s premier telecommunications event, PTC ’20: Vision 2020 and Beyond.
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