Part 4 When the Shift will Happen

As discussed in Part 3 of this 4 part series, most Service Providers looking to sell Unified Communications should avoid platform vendors using a per-seat pricing model. Part 4 offers a prophetic look at when the UC industry pricing model shift will take place and what Service Providers can do to be prepared.

Watch Part 4 below, where Jason Byrne and Craig Galbraith discuss the timeline of this shift and recommendations they have for the UC industry facing upcoming change.

Wind of Change

The Unified Communications market is expected to reach a value of over $143.5 billion by the end of 2024. That prediction, coupled with an evolving workforce, equals an unmistakable change to this industry. However, almost every UC Platform Provider charge on a per-seat basis, limiting Service Providers to about only 20% of the workforce: those with actual seats.

The UC industry is aching for a change in pricing models. It’s only a matter of time before the wind of change arrives and more vendors switch to a usage-based model. With this imminent shift, Service Providers have two choices. 1) Get ahead of it and start selling to up to 5x as many more clients with a session-based pricing model. 2) Become the laggards stuck playing catch up to their competitors once the market has fully shifted over.

Under Pressure

The UC industry is surrounded by usage-based pricing models and collecting pressure to change. It’s a juggernaut that will start hitting Service Providers soon. That means UC Platform Providers will eventually have to switch to a better pricing model if they want their customers to stick around. It’s up to the Service Providers to analyze their current UC Platform Providers.

Do they offer a flexible model that allows Service Providers to chase 80% of the workforce that don’t have seats? Do they give the choice to pass savings onto the end user? Or let the Service Providers keep it and increase their margins? Are they allowing Service Providers to stay competitive with the latest UC features? Do they show an interest in their Service Providers success?

Find Me Somebody to Love

Service Providers in the UC industry need a more modern pricing model in order to serve today’s evolving work environments. netsapiens offers a pricing model based on the peak number of active sessions across your network. Session-based pricing gives SPs the flexibility to serve a wide range of businesses without sacrificing ROI. Learn more about our pricing model by downloading the following report:

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The UC market value of over $143.5 billion by the end of 2024. Source: Grand View Research

80% of the Global Workforce is Deskless. Source: Forbes