netsapiens Announces Partnership with Telo

netsapiens Announces Partnership with Telo

Austin, TX – August, 2017

netsapiens, Inc., a leading provider of Unified Communications (UC) technology for service providers and large enterprises, announces today a new partnership with Telo USA, Inc., providers of global carrier-grade CNAM (Caller ID Name) service through its OpenCNAM platform.

The netsapiens software platform, SNAPsolution, acts as the core of a service provider’s communications product providing features like SIP trunking, call center features, mobile applications, Hosted PBX, and more. “netsapiens has built an ecosystem of partners who work with our clients to deliver better UCaaS services to their end users,” said Ken Adams, VP Marketing and Partnerships for netsapiens. “We are pleased to bring Telo into our ever growing ecosystem as a respected and pioneering company. They are a great fit for our growing community of service providers.”

Through this new partnership, netsapiens can now offer global Caller ID service to all of its customers and affiliates. “OpenCNAM Plus is the first carrier-grade solution that solves the coverage gap problems that have plagued traditional CNAM; it also extends Caller ID outside of North America by offering coverage for phone numbers in over 200 countries worldwide,” said Brent James, Telo’s co-founder and COO.  “Carriers are operating in a competitive environment and need a way to set their products apart. Communication technology is improving on a seemingly daily basis, and global connectivity is at an all-time high. OpenCNAM Plus enables carriers  in North America to offer superior Caller ID Name service to all of their customers anywhere in the world.”


About netsapiens

netsapiens provides advanced VoIP and Unified Communications software to the industry’s leading service providers, allowing them to grow their business and become more profitable with next-generation technologies. The netsapiens SNAPsolution platform is a reliable solution for service providers looking to deliver a wide range of carrier grade VoIP features and functionality to their end-users. This includes Hosted PBX, SIP trunking, contact centers, device provisioning, multi-tenant user portals and more. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @netsapiens.

About Telo

Telo pioneered the first developer friendly telephony data API in 2011 with the launch of OpenCNAM. Since then, Telo has expanded its developer focused product line to include EveryoneAPI, a highly advanced reverse phone append API, and released subsequent versions of OpenCNAM extending Caller ID coverage to include over 200 countries.

Today, with a team steeped in telecommunications and modern technology experience, Telo is committed to leading data services innovation. Telo’s APIs supply advanced systems worldwide with information rooted in authoritative telecommunication data that is augmented through learning algorithms with intelligently vetted and continuously analyzed data. For more information please visit: