NetSapiens and Ayersville Lead IOC Evolution

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January 28, 2014
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NetSapiens and Ayersville Lead IOC Evolution

Longtime IOC chooses the NetSapiens Application Platform for Unified Communication Services

LA JOLLA, Calif.-Ayersville Telephone Company, an Independent Operating Company (IOC), has announced their transition to the NetSapiens SNAPsolution.

Facing regulatory uncertainties and a near end-of-life softswitch, Ayersville Telephone Company set out to make a bold change in their VoIP infrastructure. In order to ensure top-notch unified communications services and future revenue growth, Ayersville has decided to migrate to the NetSapiens platform.

“After several months of carefully analyzing potential vendors, we ultimately chose NetSapiens as our applications software solution. They offer us the best opportunity for long-term success in the telecom environment, helping Ayersville Telephone Company to maintain a competitively priced network,” said Phil Maag, General Manager of Ayersville Telephone Company. “In my view, the writing is on the wall. Any IOC who fails to take proactive steps now to confront this rapidly evolving and highly competitive market will not survive.”

NetSapiens has been a long-time supplier of innovative class 5 applications and unified communications services to next-gen service providers. This, however, marks NetSapiens’ first major foray into the IOC market.

“This is a very exciting step,” said Anand Buch, CEO of NetSapiens. “NetSapiens will be working closely with Ayersville and its subsidiary companies to showcase the shift in evolution that must take place in the IOC market. IOCs must aggressively ride the wave of delivering unified communication services to meet the requirements that end-users are beginning to expect.”

About Ayersville Telephone Company

Ayersville Telephone Company, located in Defiance County, Ohio, has been in the business of providing telephone service for almost a century. Incorporated in 1916, we provide residential, business, DSL, and IPTV services. Ayersville Telephone Company is a commercial company.

About NetSapiens

NetSapiens offers a drop-in replacement platform for legacy IP telephony and class 5 feature servers. NetSapiens simplifies the delivery of VoIP and unified communications for competitive providers by using their SNAPsolution. Applications include multi-tenant hosted PBX/Web Centrex, conferencing, and call center solutions.