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A Unified Experience for MSP Customers

NetSapiens provides an advanced Hosted PBX and Unified Communications (UC) platform for the industry’s leading Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Our customers depend on us to help them stay ahead of their competition. We do this by providing the latest UC technologies and features to supplement their existing portfolio.

NetSapiens ’ SNAPsolution offers a full suite of traditional PBX features along with those enabled by cloud-based UC systems. As a result, MSPs are able to provide their end-users with voice services, video conferencing, mobility, redundancy, disaster recovery, unified messaging, and much more.

Many SMBs and other enterprises lack the technical expertise and capital to own a complete in-house phone system that also encompasses next-gen UC tools. With SNAPsolution, our MSP partners can finally deliver the solid and feature-rich Hosted PBX solution that their customers need.



The MSP market is increasingly competitive, and many wonder how best to differentiate themselves from the big players like 8X8 and Vonage. Unfortunately, many MSPs are stuck reselling voice services from third-party providers. This can make it difficult for them to support their end-users’ voice needs, especially when they need to consult with multiple companies to troubleshoot issues with call quality.  

Thankfully, our SNAPsolution-enabled Hosted PBX and UC offering empowers MSPs to integrate voice and other UC services simultaneously into one bundle, saving their end-users money. With NetSapiens, you can finally have your own solution that you control and support – it’s the differentiation you need to succeed!

Revenue Opportunities

Our SNAPsolution is designed with a multi-tenant architecture. As an MSP, this means you can use a single SNAPsolution platform to create and manage multiple PBX systems as if they were separate from each other. As a result, you can create your own reseller system, offering our Hosted PBX service as a white label product to other service providers.

Better still, we allow our MSP partners to strategically price our product for a maximum return on investment by charging on a concurrent call basis instead of charging per-seat or per-feature. Under a Universal Session Licence, we give you complete access to all the SNAPsolution features. Quick to deploy and easily customizable, it’s money in the bank!

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring uptime for your end-users is critical to your success in the MSP market. That’s why our n-Share technology helps ensure the reliability, resiliency, and high availability of a service provider’s network.

n-Share is deployed as an active-active redundant application, in which all nodes are online and pass call information, feature codes, voicemail, and other traffic simultaneously under normal conditions. If one node fails or loses connectivity, traffic automatically fails over to the remaining n-Share nodes seamlessly with little to no downtime. This allows NetSapiens ‘ MSP partners to continuously serve SNAPsolution’s Hosted PBX and UC features to their end- users without interruption.

Selling UCaaS Solutions: Marketing Best Practices for Manage Service Providers

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Total Ownership, Equity and Value

With SNAPsolution, you control the margins – add voice and UC for additional revenue opportunities!

Cloud/Hosted PBX

Today’s enterprises are rapidly branching into cloud communications. Meet their needs for competitive advantage

Unified Communications

The SNAPsolution platform allows smaller MSPs to meet their clients’ expectations of carrier-class uptime.


SIP Trunking

Offer your end-users the ability to connect their corporate phone system to your network through VoIP. Migrate them to next-gen UC services over time!


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