Thiago Modelli

VP TechOps

Thiago is dynamic, energetic, passion-driven executive, technologist, and strategist with a knack for pushing emerging technologies and disruptive innovations into uncharted waters, inevitably challenging the status quo.

His 20+ years of hands-on experience in information technology, strongly focused on Service Providers and large scale mission critical requirements, brings not only a proven track record of can-do attitude, leadership and mentorship across the ranks, but also a clear message that says: “Impossible is not in our vocabulary” & “Success comes from uncompromised excellence, so failure has no chance here.”

Thiago brings to NetSapiens extensive knowledge of internet services, networking, servers, software, cloud, devops, virtualization, telephony, and services offered by the top players in the technology field.

Previously, he has led IT based projects for Fortune 500 industry leaders in Financial Services (including retail, card, and lending,) Health Care, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Retail, and Airline verticals, from pre-sales to architecture, engineering, and operations.