Meet Our Leaders

netsapiens is led by a group of seasoned veterans with decades upon decades of combined industry experience. The founding team of experts has roots going back to the earliest days of packet communication where they helped to shape the contours of the VoIP industry. As netsapiens has grown throughout the years, the founding members have been joined by new leaders with experience and expertise in many different aspects of business and technology. Today, the entire netsapiens team uses their vast knowledge to promote innovation both within our company and in the industry as a whole.

Anand Buch

CEO and Co-Founder

David Wang

CTO and Co-Founder

Jim Murphy

Executive Vice President


Dave George

SVP & General Manager

Chris Aaker

Vice President of Engineering

Dave Privée

Vice President of Sales and Client Success


Debbie Amira

Director of Finance and People

Justin Cate

Director of Quality Assurance

Kevin Selkowitz

Director of Solutions Engineering


Ken Adams

VP, Marketing and Partnerships

Thiago Modelli

VP, TechOps