Smart Network Application People for Enterprises

netsapiens offers a comprehensive suite of unified communications (UC) services and feature-sets to enterprise customers. Custom-built to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, customization, and ease of use, our SNAPsolution – UC and Collaboration tools – can be easily deployed, scaled and managed.

Why choose netsapiens SNAPsolution for your enterprise? It’s simple.

SNAPsolution is powered by netsapiens’ custom-built, unified communications software platform. Our UC services boost employee productivity, drive operational efficiency, ensure greater collaboration and create seamless user experiences – enabling your workforce to stay ahead of day-to-day business demands. It gets better. If high availability, geo diversity, and redundancy is critical to your business – and why wouldn’t it be? – we’ve got you covered with SNAPsolution’s n-Share. n-Share allows multiple locations to share information in real-time, creating a seamless system for surviving failovers while avoiding service disruptions.

If you’ve got the network and appropriate IT support
we’ve got the communications solution for you!

If you are a large enterprise, currently manage your own telephone network (not hosted), and employ your own IT staff, then the netsapiens SNAPsolution is for you. SNAPsolution delivers all of the features and functionality required to provide next-generation IP-based UC and Collaboration services to any large enterprise with existing network infrastructure. We can utilize your existing SIP handsets to provide a UC solution that both increases your employee productivity and saves you money.


Some Enterprise Verticals Include: