Enabling Partner Success

What should my UC platform partner do to ensure my success?

Whether you are an ISP, MSP, ILEC, or any type of Unified Communications as a Service provider, choosing a company to partner with should be based on more than a checklist of features. Partnerships need to be based on what they will do to help your entire business succeed. At netsapiens, we offer many different ways to help enable our service provider partners to increase their ROI, gain new clients, and sell more to their current clients with our SNAPsolution platform. We have identified four of these strategies that can apply to any partnership. Ask yourself, do your partners do these for you?

Four Ways Your Partners Should Help You Succeed

  1. Create Mutually Beneficial Incentives
  2. Offer Multiple Types of Education
  3. Continuously Innovate
  4. Genuinely Care About Your Business

Create Mutually Beneficial Incentives

Trust is based on building a relationship with people over a period of time, so it is often difficult to completely trust a new partner company. For example, you may worry, “Are they selling me features I don’t actually need?”. Mutually beneficial incentives can help build trust with your partners from day one and help ensure that they are going to help you succeed. In the previous example, if your communications platform is charging you for every new feature that you add to your product offering, their salespeople are incentivized to get you to purchase as many features as possible regardless of your ability to turn those new features into profit. A better partner relationship would be one in which the growth of your actual business is the incentive for the partner’s salespeople. netsapiens uses an all-in concurrent call pricing model. This means that our salespeople are incentivized to help you gain actual call traffic and grow your business using our platform. The more you are able to grow your business, the more we can grow ours. When becoming a service provider partner, you get access to all of the current features of the SNAPsolution. There is no need for us to sell you things like call center features because they are already included!

Offer Multiple Types of Education

Service providers should demand more than the usual technical training from their partners. Education should be continuous and span every subject matter that can help your business be as successful as possible. Does your partner help you sell? Do they give you trusted business advice? Are they leaders in the communications industry? Below are some examples of the types of educational opportunities that your partners should offer:

  • On-demand training sessions with their technical staff on your specific needs
  • In-person group events with their staff, clients, and mutual partners
  • Business training to help your management and sales teams
  • Information sessions about third party partners that can help your business

Continuously Innovate

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises rely on service providers to keep up with the current technology trends, so innovation is a crucial component in selling services to new customers and holding onto current business. This is why it is so important that these service providers partner with a technology platform that is constantly delivering reliable improvements to their products. This also includes the ability to integrate the platform with third parties and the ability to develop custom solutions using an API.

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Genuinely Care About Your Business

The relationship with a partner should extend beyond the scope of a contract. If you partner with a business that is providing key elements of your service offering, it is imperative that you trust that they are truly invested in your success. Before choosing a new partner, get to know their company culture. Do they go out of their way to take care of their clients? Do they listen to their clients? Do they actively create a community of open communication and implement the feedback they receive?

You should want to work with them and they should enjoy helping you succeed. This is the philosophy at netsapiens. We want to come together with our partners to create a better way of communicating for end users. We truly believe that making carrier-grade voice and unified communications accessible to a wide range of service providers will help drive the industry forward. This is why we do things like our client visit road trips, SNAPshot events, and our annual User Group Meeting. We want to be the best communications platform partner possible and work diligently to deliver that to our clients.

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