Continuing Forward Together in our Service Provider Space

What a whirlwind the past few months have been for the netsapiens team! From planning our annual User Group Meeting (UGM) to attending important industry conferences in the US and abroad, all of us have been putting in long hours to accomplish an overarching goal. We want to engage with our clients, understand their needs and then reflect those takeaways both in how we enhance our current offerings and roll out new solutions.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you probably noticed that our CEO, Anand Buch, expressed a lot of excitement for this year’s UGM in his message about togetherness. Basically, the theme going into this event was that, as a collective, netsapiens and its partners can shape the service provider industry the way we want through actionable goals. We’re extremely thrilled to say that this message caught on with all of you who came to sunny San Juan between March 25-28.

Anand at UGM 2019One example really stood out to us in this regard. First, during our UGM, we hosted a session on how service providers can improve their marketing strategies. Of course, our VP of Products and Marketing, Jason Byrne, came prepared with a presentation to facilitate a discussion. However, we were blown away by the number and quality of the ideas that our session participants offered. It quickly became clear that you, our valued users, are eager to help each other succeed and expand. Even more impressive was the outcome – turning this positive sentiment into the action item of establishing a marketing forum where our customers can share thoughts and ideas. In this way, the idea of together wasn’t just present in Anand’s pre-UGM message; it truly defined the entire conference.

As well, we received overwhelming feedback throughout our UGM that in addition to the saliency of our training materials, you really valued having one-on-one access to members of our leadership team. When we think about it, we all know that if we were to attend a Broadsoft training session, it would be highly unlikely that we’d have a chance to approach their top-level executives personally with our questions. With netsapiens, on the other hand, you can talk personally with Anand Buch, Dave George our SVP, Chris Aaker VP Engineering and other members of our team. That difference matters and you’ve told us so.

Finally, from a product perspective, we were eager to show off SNAPanalytics, our call center analytics solution, at the UGM. Essentially, our product offers call center operators the ability to improve productivity and profitability through real-time analytics and customization.  With completely intuitive dashboards and the ability to share them with agents and operators, SNAPanalytics unlocks the insights hidden within a call center’s daily customer interactions. Many of you with call center customers have been asking us for this type of product for quite some time and we’re proud to have delivered on that promise. You can learn more about SNAPanalytics and how to leverage it to grow into the call center market here.

In short, our UGM was a resounding success and we hope you feel the same way too! We always want to hear about your goals and find ways that we can help you reach them. Together, we can mold the service provider industry for our benefit. Our team can’t wait to check in with you again, whether at other industry conferences, in-person visits or even by phone, email and social. We’re your accessible UCaaS provider – so, feel free to reach out!