Contact Center

What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is the central hub of communication between a business and its customers with the main goal of improving the overall experience of these interactions.

Both call centers and contact centers route calls to agents and use software to record data for future analysis. However, contact centers go beyond the traditional call capabilities in order to evolve with modern communication and increasing quality demands. Contact centers have evolved to improve customer experience by allowing multiple channels of communication including SMS, video and more. Additional reporting and real-time monitoring capabilities are also present in contact center software. The analytics allows supervisors to improve performance and productivity more dynamically than ever.

We think call and contact centers are such a great opportunity for service providers, that we created several eBooks and reports on how and why to break into this market.

Contact Center Solutions

What Vendors Aren't Telling Service Providers

Learn how to select the perfect Unified Communications Partner to fit your contact center solution needs. This eBook is the perfect tool to show you just what’s needed (and what's not) to help attract new clients and avoid unnecessary costs. By 2027 the contact center software marketed is expected to hit over $70 billion, and this downloadable can give you that perfect edge to slice yourself off a piece of that profit!

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Supporting Contact Centers

Through COVID-19 & Beyond

As a service provider during these unprecedented times, you have been presented with a golden opportunity. Contact centers need your help embracing and establishing remote work practices. This eBook is the perfect instrument to assist you in finding that balance of understanding and Unified Communications functionality. Download it today to see if you’re ready to start delivering these now essential remote work solutions to contact centers that are in desperate need.

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Driving Call Center Performance

Illuminate Your Way Forward with Data

Call Centers need access to real-time analytics to better improve their efficiency and address operational issues as they’re occurring and before they can have a greater negative impact on revenue. This report focuses on using data to help benefit call centers as they become more complex and busier than ever before. Read more to learn how call center managers can leverage data and better benefit their business, whether that be handling higher volumes of calls, or checking off a long list of other key performance metrics.

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Contact Centers:

The Next Generation

The growth of cloud-native UC Platforms is changing the way contact centers operate. These UC solutions enable quickly changing technology trends and allow for contact center market growth. Check out this downloadable to see why contact centers need these growing solutions!

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Growing Market Opportunities for Service Providers

Service providers who sell Unified Communications services today are in a perfect position to capitalize on contact centers. The Contact Center market is predicted to grow to $481 Billion by 2024. This is $337.5Billion more than the predicted growth of the UC market alone. Even on an individual deal basis, contact centers are a profit center. When contact centers are attached to UCaaS services, SPs see an increase of 25-40% per agent seat price.

This means that there is a huge opportunity for service providers who currently focus on voice services to expand their market into the contact center space. Now is the time to strategically add these services to UCaaS and claim your portion of the $481Billion!


Why are many Service Providers looking to add contact center features to their UCaaS offerings?

Staggering market growth! Watch our video on the state of the market, the introduction of a unique pricing model to increase ROI, and the netsapiens call center dashboard, SNAPanalytics.

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