Webinar: The Hybrid Classroom

The US Government has released over $30 billion in aid to K-12 and higher education and there’s more on the way. The question for our netsapiens community is this: HOW can you tap into these funds to help schools solve complex hybrid learning scenarios and enhance their communications systems? Agenda: Poly’s perspective, experience, and advice […]

Webinar: Success in the Education Market

How Service Providers Find Success in the Education Market Education departments everywhere are looking for ways to modernize their communication systems. Although the need to upgrade their technology is more urgent than ever, the strategies for addressing their pain points have primarily remained the same. In this webinar, Yealink and netsapiens will draw from their […]

Webinar: Your Restaurant and Retail Customer

Help Your Restaurant Customers

Help Your Restaurant and Retail Customers Meet Their Evolving Communication Needs As these industries rapidly adapt to the changing COVID environment and new business operations, they’re increasing looking for more efficient and mobile communication solutions. Simplicity and efficiency have become more valuable than ever, driving demand for more specialized products and services. Learn how to […]

Webinar: How Some Service Providers are Growing at 3X the Industry Average

How Some Service Providers are Growing at 3x the Industry Average

As Service Providers continue adjusting to the new normal, three cloud-based solution offerings – Contact Center, Unified Communications & Collaboration – seem to have weathered the storm better than others. A collective industry shift to remote work has enabled continued growth of Cloud solutions. Still, the question remains: how are some service providers growing at […]

Webinar: Trends in Preventing Toll Fraud & Robocalling

Toll Fraud & Robocalling

Extend the value and benefits you get from your netsapiens with telecom solutions from TransNexus, including: Toll fraud prevention. Stop attacks before there are any fraud losses. Robocall prevention. Stop annoying robocalls to improve customer satisfaction. STIR/SHAKEN. Easily comply with the TRACED act. TDoS prevention. Stop telephony denial-of-service attacks from impacting your customers. Least cost […]

Webinar: Trends in Education and Tele-Health

Trends in Education and Tele-Health Environments Featured Image

Reinvent, Enhance and Engage – Even in a Pandemic Teaching, learning and the provision of medical care in the new normal is still evolving. We know any solutions deployed must be effective and flexible, adapting as these changes take place, but you may be wondering – how can faculty, students, doctors, and patients better engage […]

Webinar: QuotingBill

QuotingBill Webinar

How Quote-to-Cash Solutions are Adapting in the New Business Environment In this Webinar, we will discuss the new paradigm in Quote-To-Cash solutions in consuming the way Service Providers want and the need to remain flexible. The newest version offers a far more affordable and intuitive Quote-to-Cash solution. Simply integrate only the modules you need or […]

Webinar: Building and Billing to Last

Rev.io Webinar

How Service Providers are Securing Their Future in an Uncertain Environment 2020 has undoubtedly brought more upheaval than any year in recent memory, creating possibly massive economic turmoil for years to come. Despite these challenges, the best communications and technology service providers have set themselves up as indispensable business partners for their customers over the […]

Webinar: Merger & Acquisitions Compliance Issues

2020 is shaping up as a year of big moves when it comes to mergers and acquisitions across the telecommunications and technology sectors. Although there has been a strong regulatory movement within the industry this year, predictions show that activity will persist. In this discussion, Mark Lammert CPA from Compliance Solutions, Inc. will answer questions […]

Webinar: Inbound Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create your own Inbound Marketing Strategy. Did you know that over 90% of purchases start with a search? And close to 70% of them prefer to research on their own before contacting a sales team. If anything, these numbers should tell you that a well developed inbound marketing strategy involves much more […]