Contact Center & Healthcare

“The intuitive and robust feature set has helped us be a major Contact Center player in the healthcare industry” – Lindsey Brundege, Director Business Development, DiRad Technologies

Comprehensive Solution

“netsapiens and TelcoBridges have a very symbiotic relationship,” says Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges. “We provide connectivity to the outside world and, together with netsapiens, are able to provide them with meaningful network transformation. We have easily aligned our business models. It really fits well for the customer. Moreover, we come to the market with […]


Lindsey Hughes, of DiRad Technologies, discusses how netsapiens’ Mobile Unified Communications platform helps them deliver solutions for their customers.

Reliability & Profitability

Ray Orsini, of OIT, discusses how netsapiens Sessions (not seats) based pricing model allows his business to be profitable.

Disruptive Pricing Model

Adam Sherman, of Versature, discusses their relationship with netsapiens and also discusses geo-redundancy and pricing model.

Scalability & Ease

Harry Orchard, of Gabbit, discusses why he loves netsapiens and how the SNAPsolution saves Gabbit money and makes his life easier.

Knowledgeable People

Jeff Ogden, of SpectrumVoIP, discusses how netsapiens’ platform has immensely boosted their business and how the culture is one of their favorite aspects.

Leaving Broadsoft

“Were on a Broadsoft platform, moved to netsapiens for the feature set and disruptive pricing model” – Ryan Rostvold, VP Technology, Hypercore Networks