Teaming Up- How Service Providers Can Use Microsoft Teams to Their Advantage

microsoft teams ebook

As of October 2020, Microsoft has reported over 115 million active users. This is up over 50% from six months prior. While Microsoft Teams does offer communication features, it is far from a complete UC&C platform. In this eBook, we explore the opportunity service providers have with a Microsoft Teams integration.

Contact Center Solutions

The contact center software market will hit $72 billion by 2027.  In this ebook, we will help you gain the competitive edge to address this market with an all-in-one UC&C solution. Click the button below to find out what you need to attract new clients while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Supporting Contact Centers

supporting contact centers

If 2020 has shown us anything – and it’s shown us a lot – it’s that remote work is here to stay. One high profile research group, Nemertes, recently reported, because of COVID-19, almost 91% of companies now have employees working from home (WFH). Post- pandemic, a whopping 71% are still planning to continue the […]

Ditching Seats-Based Costs

Oversubscription in the industry is becoming the norm. Whereas seats-based pricing models limit oversubscription thereby limiting a service providers selling power. We look at this and more in our new report. Download now and learn how you could be unlocking maximum profitability year after year.

Sesiones No Asientos Informe

¿Por qué no expandir su mercado direccionable y abrir su modelo de negocio para perseguir hasta 5 veces más clientes que usted hoy? Si la mayoría de la fuerza laboral de hoy no tiene un escritorio, ¿tiene sentido comprar las soluciones de UC que desea vender por el puesto? No lo creemos así. Por eso […]

Contact Centers: The Next Generation

contact centers

A contact center is the central hub of communication between a business and its customers with the main goal of improving the overall experience of these interactions. Both call centers and contact centers route calls to agents and use software to record data for future analysis. However, contact centers go beyond the traditional call center […]

Capturing the Mobile Workforce with UC

Redefining Unified Communications for the Mobile-First Workforce With over 80% of people using text messaging for business and the cost of poor communication set to hit $37 billion, why is Mobile UC Client usage as low as 16%? Businesses should be embracing the Mobile first culture that we are surrounded with in our private lives. […]

Sessions Not Seats Report

Why netsapiens’ SNAPsolution is Essential for Service Providers Targeting an Increasingly Deskless Workforce According to a report by Strategy Analytics, the mobile workforce will increase to nearly 1.9 billion globally by 2023 — up from approximately 1.5 billion in 2017 — meaning that almost 40 percent of employees worldwide will become “deskless” workers within four […]

Driving Call Center Performance

Today’s call centers are busier and more complex than ever. With a need to handle high volumes of daily calls and satisfy a long list of key performance metrics, call center supervisors and agents need easy access to pertinent information in order to improve efficiency and address operational issues before they negatively impact revenue. Simplified […]

Selling UCaaS – Marketing Best Practices for MSPs

Selling UCaaS Solutions-Marketing Best Practices for MSPs

According to a recent study by Research and Markets, the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market is expected to reach $24.8 Billion by 2024. Are you ready to claim YOUR share of it? In this eBook we show you what the marketing best practices are for MSPs! Download it now and start claiming your […]