UCaaS Contact Center Solutions

UCaaS Contact Center Solutions

Top Features of the Best UCaaS Contact Center Solutions Contact Centers – it’s a big pie, and growing. The worldwide importance of contact centers has spiked in recent times and their evolution will only continue, everywhere from government to small business. Some estimate that the global contact center software market alone will swell by almost […]

Get Active-Active With n-Share

active-active with n-share

Failover. How did you react when you read that word? Did you cringe? Failover is a pain. You know it, and we know it. But sometimes rainy days happen – nodes fail or need maintenance, so failover is often unavoidable. The question is what happens when your platform provider experiences it. We’ve established why netsapiens […]

Who REALLY Controls Your Business?

Control. We all want it, but it’s really quite elusive. Running your own communications service provider business gives you the ability to control who you work with, your customer relationships and your overall business model. This sounds great until you realize many service providers unwittingly give up the control they desire after building their services […]

The Reliability to Scale

Why Open Source Isn’t the Answer Years ago, when individuals first wanted to embed telephony applications (i.e. IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, etc.) on PC’s and operating systems (OS), there was really only one choice – Windows. As time went on, it became clear to enterprises and service providers that the cost of hardware and […]


With the world suddenly closing public spaces, businesses, and educational institutions, your customers will need your guidance more than ever on how to stay connected. We know that things are uncertain right now, but we are here to help you deliver what your end-users need. Below are some netsapiens features our clients already have at […]

Service Provider Growth Rate

Service Provider Growth Rate Blog

We all know how important it is to engage with tools that will help you grow your business. After all, isn’t that the point of business – to grow? Then why do so many of the largest UC providers require you to constantly sink so much of your hard-earned money into their solutions if you […]

The Key to Decision Making for UCaaS Providers

What sets your business apart? This seems like a simple question, but UCaaS providers often overlook it. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations without taking a step back to analyze what makes you unique. However, this simple exercise can make all the difference when making key decisions for your business. Different Types […]

ITEXPO 2020: The Value of In-Person Connections

Digital marketing has become a central focus for any modern organization. The ability to reach a targeted audience and measure the effectiveness of these efforts is undeniable. You would think the hundred of trade show lanyards hanging on my wall would be considered ancient artifacts of the past. So, how did I find myself at […]

White Label UCaaS – Money Talks

when to switch from your white label ucaas provider

Is it time to switch from your white label UCaaS provider to your own platform license? Here’s a question that we get a lot from service providers under a white label UCaaS provider: “At what seat threshold does my own platform license become a viable answer for my business?” Many of our prospects follow that […]

What’s Next? 3 UC Trends for 2020

We’ve hired new talent as we expand into new markets, passed our 1 million users milestone and launched an exciting new product to better support our customers. Now that 2019 has come to an end, the quintessential question becomes, “What’s the next UC trends?” In this blog, we look at the top three developments that […]