8 Reasons Service Providers are Switching to netsapiens

This article was updated on April 8, 2019.

netsapiens was founded in 2002 and since then, has been seeing a significant growth in the amount of clients that choose the platform each year. Although there are other companies who offer various forms of VoIP and unified communications software, service providers have been consistently choosing netsapiens and even leaving their current softswitch platform in favor of the SNAPsolution. It is unique to see service providers of a wide range of sizes with very different business models and experiences select the same software solution. Carriers serving large enterprises, ISPs focusing on a rural market, and many others in between have all adopted our platform and leveraged its capabilities to fit their needs. So, why did they choose the SNAPsolution in the first place?

Below you will find the top 8 reasons why Service Providers are switching to netsapiens softswitch platform.

1. Led by Industry Experts:

netsapiens was founded by a group of seasoned veterans with over 100 years of combined industry experience. This core team of experts has roots going back to the earliest days of packet communication where they helped shape the contours of the VoIP Industry. David Wang, netsapiens’ CTO and Co-Founder, even participated in drafting the standard in the Frame Relay Forum IETF and ETSI. Today, the leaders of netsapiens have become active participants in a number of industry organizations and events to keep up with the latest trends and directly contribute to the sharing of ideas that are an important part of technological innovation.

2. A Company that Cares:

One of the biggest factors that sets netsapiens apart from other organizations is how deeply we care about our service provider clients and enjoy getting to know them as individuals. Our goal is to help service providers succeed in their missions to deliver communication solutions to their customers. We know that this can be done most effectively by  getting to know our clients personally and truly understanding the industry from their perspective. In fact, our clients directly influence the direction of our SNAPsolution platform and the new features that we choose to include in future software releases.  Many of our most popular features were ideas that came from our clients that we recognized as something that would benefit the entire netsapiens community.

3. Built for High Availability and Reliability:

There are a number of features in the SNAPsolution softswitch platform that are exclusive to netsapiens, but one of the most popular with clients is our n-Share solution. n-Share allows our clients to create a highly available network through geographic redundancy. With n-Share, clients can deploy the SNAPsolution platform in multiple locations and use this geographic redundancy to ensure that service is not disrupted even when failures may occur. If one location fails, another location will pick up where the first one left off and provide the end-user with uninterrupted services on subsequent calls.

4. Scalable to Grow With You:

netsapiens offers solutions that are scalable not only in terms of pricing but from a software perspective as well. Our solutions are priced per concurrent call instead of per seat or per feature, giving users the ability to grow strategically without having to invest a significant amount of upfront capital. Users are also able to scale geographically with n-Share without having to buy a new softswitch platform, as each location and server can be managed from a single interface as a single solution.

5. Flexibility to Do Things Your Way:

At netsapiens, we understand not every service provider does things the same way or has the same needs. We have designed the SNAPsolution to give every individual company the opportunity to shape and mold our platform to better suit their business. Other solutions may force users to do things one way including routing, dial translations, and other functions of the system. Instead, netsapiens gives service providers virtually limitless capabilities and the ability to customize their solution to create a unique product that will differentiate them from the competition and work with their business model.

6. All Access Pass to Powerful Features:

All of the features of the netsapiens SNAPsolution are available to our clients. There are no per-feature costs for advanced services like call centers, recording, or other features that usually are only made available for a high price. Even our smallest service provider clients can sell extremely powerful features and functionality to their end users. This also allows service providers to test which features they find to be the most profitable without having to invest in something that might not be the right choice for their customers.

7. Multi-Tenant Capabilities:

As mentioned previously, our SNAPsolution softswitch platform enables service providers the unique opportunity to access the features they need without paying exorbitant fees or having to worry about changing what services they utilize. One of the most popular features available within our SNAPsolution is multi-tenant capabilities. Service providers who are serving many different companies can offer individually branded user portals with a customized set of features to each of their clients while still managing all of their clients from their own SNAPsolution interface. This capability can also be used to offer white label services to multiple resellers who want to offer features and services to end-users.

8. Focus on the Future:

“Solutions like WebRTC and flexible API integrations are the future of communication technology”

Our company was founded on the simple idea of “innovation with a purpose”.  The innovations that we invest time into are those that will have significant positive impact on our growing client base. Currently, netsapiens engineers are integrating the latest technologies and creating next-gen features that will keep service providers on the leading edge of the market. Solutions like WebRTC and flexible API integrations are the future of communications technology and we are making sure our clients can offer them to their users as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the curve. With netsapiens, service providers don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of the future. Instead, they can rest assured that the netsapiens team is leading the charge into new innovations with their best interests in mind.

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