• the Right Sized solution for competitive service providers

    Our SNAPsolution is tailored to fit your company's available resources and is completely scalable to your future demands.


  • extraordinary Support that won't leave you hanging

    Our support team takes the risk out of VoIP so you can focus attention on your business, not your platform.


  • a platform to Grow new services

    Create nearly any voice service imaginable and manage it using our mature and sophisticated toolset.



What NetSapiens Offers

NetSapiens creates the best multi-tenant hosted PBX platform on the planet.

Tailored to meet the demands of competitive service providers and carriers, we provide a flexible platform that can be used to opportunistically add services to an existing network, or as a single end-to-end solution to create, deliver and manage VoIP and the next wave of communications and collaboration apps.

The SNAPsolution

Combines the required mix of expertise and technology to enable rapid service deployment for increased ROI.

  • SNAPsuite

    The software component of the SNAPsolution, a world-class service enablement environment, allowing you to create and manage any combination of communications services.

  • SNAPped In

    SNAPped In is the NetSapiens Partner Program, through which we qualify and certify complementary solutions that can be used to meet custom deployment requirements.

  • SNAPiq

    This is the NetSapiens deployment expertise offering that addresses the customer’s specific requirements. Whatever level of deployment support you need, we will be there for you.

The NetSapiens Advantage

By integrating world-class technology and expertise into a solution that allows our Customers to quickly gain momentum in the evolving market place, NetSapiens offers three compelling values:.

  • Our SNAPsolution is right sized for your business.
  • Our SNAPsuite platform rivals larger vendors’ features and level of maturity.
  • Our deployment options are designed to evolve with your business.

What Customers Say:

NetSapiens plays a key role in our global infrastructure strategy, and outpaces the competition in every metric that we value, including features, licensing options, flexibility and expert support.
Jeff Betteker, COO, One Source Networks, Inc.


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    NetSapiens is a Proud Sponsor of ITEXPO West 2014
    NetSapiens is a Proud Sponsor of ITEXPO West 2014